WSG – Climate Positive Commercial Interiors

We’re all trying to do our bit to be greener and give back to the planet.  But did you know that, by using WSG Interiors Systemsfor commercial interior fit-outs and office interior projects, you too can offset your Co2 emissions and contribute to a more sustainable world.

We do lots to be as sustainably responsible as possible. Not just in terms of materials and recycling.  We factor a lot in to our everyday practices too.

WSG Electric vehicle climate positive commercial interiors

Greener meetings

Firstly, we’re working on our gas-guzzling.  Right now, we’re looking at our fleet of company vehicles. We’re working when we’ll be upgrading our cars and vans to either hybrid or fully electric vehicles.  Already, we travel to project meetings either by train or by electric vehicle. And that means we save hundreds of tonnes of CO2 emissions every week.

And that works towards your Decarbonisation strategy too. The more you use us, the more carbon offsetting you’re contributing to.

That’s just one element.  The more obvious contributions we make are when it comes to designing your interior project and will suggest using recycled materials wherever possible.  Items such reclaimed timber and recycled plastics reduces the need for raw materials, consequently reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions created in their production process.

Mother London Commercial Interior WSG Interiors Process

Climate positive never compromises on looks

What’s more, WSG Interiors always offer the option of using certified wood that has been produced using sustainable forestry methods. And because no forests have been destroyed during its production process, it is a much better option for the environment than other lower quality woods used in construction projects.

Add to that our ability to up-cycling of various pieces of office furniture from past projects into our new designs, we’re masters at reducing wastage while still creating beautiful spaces.

The resulting look of a project never gets compromised by thinking in a climate positive way either. Not only are ecologically sound materials great for the environment, but they also come with great design options too. The range of colours available with recycled plastic products can add interest and intrigue to features in any setting while the range of textures available with reclaimed timber can bring unique warmth and character to any project.

Included in the CAD

It all gets included in the CAD design too. So you get a feel and a flavour for the greener design before it’s even built.

Choosing a fit-out designer like WSG ensures that you are doing your part towards mitigating your carbon footprint. And it goes without saying that you create beautiful commercial interiors too. That’s without compromising on quality or durability.

Our environmental focus is strong, and coupled with our advanced design capabilities and access to high-quality materials; using WSG Interiors Systems as your specialist joinery partner for your commercial interior projects is sure to be a great, eco-friendly choice.

If you have sustainability requirements on your next Commercial Interior project, contact us today.