Sustainability: A value, not a chore.

The emphasis on sustainability and being environmentally responsible has never been higher. And at WSG Interiors, it’s something we’ve always been conscious of since we started out in 1986.

We’re committed to supporting our clients with a ‘design for the environment’ approach by sourcing ethically sound materials and constantly reviewing our manufacturing processes. A belief we embrace as a business to keep striving towards supporting and upholding green design and manufacturing principles.

For over 35 years we’ve been continuously improving the efficiency of our operations. And since we moved to our current Leeds premises, we’ve continued to make the environmental performance of our facilities the best they can be. Maintaining sustainable practice is just what we do. Not because we have to but because we want to.  A practice we’ve adopted as a value not a chore.

EKOPLY 1 Sustainability WSG Blog April 2021

Environmentally aware

And all this carries through to every one of our interior projects. The mind-set of our employees means that they’re not only excellent at the work they do, but their awareness of the green-factor is always incorporated into a project.

We’ve also incorporated a number of highly sustainable boards and materials into our new and existing products. There’s been an important shift-change in attitude to materials in recent years. So, we support and guide our clients in deciding which eco-materials and processes might be better suited to their requirements. 

Purchasing certified timber and boards as standard, even moving to Zero Formaldehyde MDF when required. We’ve also adopted to using boards such as Poplar Ply for some of our more eco-aware clients such as Lush. And then, there’s Ekoply – a recycled plastic board that requires little or no maintenance and comes with a long lifespan. Ekoply is a particularly good green choice that we’ve used to manufacture and install high-end outdoor projects such as roof-top bars.

Saw Man Sustainability WSG Blog April 2021

Fitting our green policy into your green policy

Due to the complexity and nature of our products, we often have to source the right materials from far and wide. We’ll always endeavor to meet the needs of the client and the project in that respect. However, it’s important to us to use local suppliers wherever possible to reduce our carbon footprint – we’re just like anyone when it comes to wanting to buy local wherever we can.

When it comes to factory waste, we’ve got that covered too. In our line of business, off-cuts are a daily thing.  But by investing in, and running advanced board optimisation software, we make sure that we utilise every inch of board possible, in the most productive way.

We also utilise the Design for Disassembly method when required or appropriate. This facilitates future changes and dismantlement, either in part or whole for recovery of systems, components and materials. This way at the end of its lifespan, we ensure the fit-out can be recycled as efficiently as possible.

From beginning to end, WSG will always look to be as ethical and as environmentally aware as we possibly can. And we’re really proud of that.

So, when you’re looking at a new interior – think about your own company’s green policy. Then think about how using WSG will assist you with that. Because sustainability is a value, not a chore.

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