Solid Surface – The Material Hero

One of the unsung heroes of the materials world that helps to make the imagination of thinkers and designers a reality is something known as Solid Surface.

Wood, metal and MDF take a lot of glory when it comes to manufacturing these eye-catching interior installations. But Solid-Surface is a premium material that more than holds its own in allowing creativity and functionality to combine and work easily together.

Solid Surface WSG

What is Solid Surface?

Solid Surface is a man-made material. It contains natural minerals, natural pigments, and pure acrylic polymer. And when these three key ingredients combine, they create a smooth, non-porous and seamless surface.

The seamless joints are a key feature of the material. It discourages dirt traps and provides amazing design flexibility for a range of surface applications.

A wide range of brands, finishes, thickness to help accommodate budget without loss of impact and quality.

Solid Surface WSG

What’s so good about it?

Solid Surface is a composition of natural materials and comes with pure and resistant acrylic resins. It’s resistant to a wide-range of impurities and chemical substances and doesn’t fade – even in st
rong UV light. It’s a recyclable material, so it’s great for the environment. And it’s non-flammable too, so it can go in all public areas.

One of its stand-out properties is how it offers a number of design surfaces. It can easily connect to other surfaces using an adhesive, and the joins remain invisible. And as well as that, you can make huge impact using the material because of the complex shapes you’re able to create through a thermoforming process.

It’s low maintenance and easily repaired too. So it’s a perfect choice when we need a hard wearing, easy to clean surface, that’s easy to maintain and lasts a long time.

Solid Surface WSG

WSG & Solid Surface

We recognised the practicalities and the
popularity of Solid Surface quite some time ago, so we decided to bring the fabrication of it in-house. We trained up our designers and manufacturing team to get the necessary skills under our belts to make it work, and get our team ready for the challenges that the flexibility of using the material can bring.

And in doing this, we also took control of budget and timescales, improving our offering and customer experience too.

We use Solid Surface in many of our projects, and it’s being specified more and more too. It’s a perfect choice for any commercial, hospitality or retail interior. And we think it’s high time it gets the recognition it deserves.

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