Sampling Eco-Material Options

We’re a company who like to be at the forefront of the latest and the best materials. We’re also a firm who want to make sure we keep our efforts of sustainability high.

So, when it comes to being able to put the two together, it’s a win-win. And when a client involves WSG Interiors early enough in the specification stage, they can really benefit from our greener way of thinking, if they’re serious about their own sustainability processes.

Lately, we’ve been impressing clients with some of the best re-cycled eco-material options available. And they’ve been pleasantly surprised.

eco Interior samples

Durable Quality

Whether it’s compacted paper or recycled yoghurt pots, the mere mention of some of this stuff can raise eyebrows. But then we produce a sample and explain how well it can be engineered, and they get to look and feel the material…it opens people’s minds.

That’s right. There’s a material we love using that’s is made out of recycled yoghurt pots. And what’s more, it’s durable and it looks fantastic.  It’s great for worktops, and to look at it and feel it you’d think it was a stone or marble – not an old container for some dairy-based desert.

A credible material

It isn’t a fad either, our experienced joiners enjoy working with it and find it’s a credible material. It’s all part of us pushing for interiors and brand spaces to adopt a greener approach. The Eco-Interior is becoming a popular thing and the eco-material options available are no longer low-quality, or a simple box-ticker.

What we do doesn’t stop there though.  As well as designing with the environment in mind, we consider what’ll happen to your fit-out when it comes to the end of its life.  Can we re-use materials? Can they be recycled? We don’t want everything to be just thrown away and emptied in to landfill. We can be so much cleverer than that.

When you contact WSG to discuss your needs for a new interior, we’ll talk about the array of options we can give you.  If your eco-policy and your CO2 footprint is important, we’ll look at where we can enhance this for you by sending you samples of recycled materials to give you the complete picture of just how good any recycled plastic or paper-based material can be.

Interested in knowing more about WSG’s eco-material offering and recycled materials? Let’s talk on 0113 255 9098, or email us at