How Good Does a Commercial Interior Sound?

Everyday office life means noise. Noise from printers, photocopiers, phones, and keyboards.

And soundproofing measures are being implemented in modern companies to keep employees healthy and productive.

The reason? Employee performance can drop by up to 10% because of noise stress.

At WSG Interiors, we have expertise in incorporating sound-absorbing acoustic materials in fixtures we design and manufacture for our fit-out clients.

Acoustic Soundproofing OSP Reception

Creative and subtle

WSG’s Managing Director Roger Edwards says: “In the workplace, employees have to take note of everyday sounds, and the knock-on effect they have on staff who are exposed to them. Research tells us that a sound pressure level over 55 dB is considered annoying, and when it exceeds 70 dB voice quality suffers.”

There are many ways to improve the acoustics tastefully and subtly within a space. And WSG have many years’ experience collaborating with client’s design teams to improve acoustics.

Roger said. “It’s okay for background noise to be between 30 and 45 decibels in an office and other commercial interior workspaces. And, by using acoustic surfaces we help our clients to achieve the required noise levels. That cares for the interior occupier’s end-users and also give them a great look and deliverable solution as well.”

Providing the perfect solution

Whether it be slatted panelling, acupanel, ceiling baffles, incorporation of absorptive materials in bespoke furniture – WSG has the expertise and product knowledge to deliver the requirements.

Roger added: “Our design team combine the principles of great aesthetics, functional need, and buildability. And, in doing so enable WSG to always provide the perfect solution. That’s why we’re here, and why we have so many people returning to use WSG for any interior custom furniture and fixtures.”

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