Take Feature Wall Panels For Granted? Not Us…

When the brief for a new interior project lands and a design team and project manager gets round the table to discuss it, all sorts of creative and practical elements are put on to the table to take back to the client.

And, in-and-amongst the exciting design concepts and functional facts that get fed back to the client, feature wall panels are often part and parcel of the solution. But the challenges they pose to get the end result right can be sorely underestimated.

We get why that’s the case – to most, the feature wall is all about the end result. The look of it, and the statement it’s going to make. Bringing an area to life.  No-one really cares about the journey they go through to make that statement and all the other important things they do. Well, apart from us. 

Feature Wall Panels WSG

A technical art form

There is an art to getting feature wall panels to work and to sing. And getting it right takes skill, precision, and experience.

As long as they’re installed correctly, feature wall panels will be taken for granted. It’s how it should be. A client notices straight away when they’re not, and remedying that is painful and causes a lot of disruption.  And that’s why we’re regularly called in to do the job. We’ve got proven experience in taking a wide range of feature wall panelling, from design to manufacture and implementation and getting it right.

We’ve been installing them for years. And being prepared is the simple, but vital way to getting it right first time. Heading out to site for a site survey ensures we take accurate measurements, and take note of access points. We meet with the client to show them samples to approve, which means they know the look and feel they’re getting upfront. And when it comes to the installation, deliberate oversizing lets us accurately cut the panels to size on-site, and finish things off with skilled scribing-in and finishing.

Feature Wall Panels WSG

Huge visual impact

All installation methods required for feature wall panels need to be executed correctly. And that also includes checking the intricacies of the grain and getting that to match. There’s a multitude of technicalities and accuracies to consider to install them the right way. And if an installer misses one of them out, you can hit expensive snags later down the line. They can also be difficult to rectify.

So that upfront design-thinking really matters. It can help to prolong their lifespan, and will minimise their upkeep. They’re easy to brand up by printing on, adding inlay logos, and more, and they can act as a great acoustic while defining spaces with minimal effort.

Install them right, and they’ll be the unsung hero of any interior.

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