WSG Has The Edge on Edge Banding

We create some of the most prestigious commercial and hospitality interiors in the business. But when it comes to the design and manufacture of an entire project, who’d have thought there are intricate techniques, processes and design trends that need to be considered with edge-banding?

That’s right. Edge-banding. That narrow strip of material that creates a pleasing trim edge to finish off a piece of joinery…and a whole load more. It’s an integral part of the manufacturing process.

Add to that the range of finishes, accents and need for grain matching, our design team give edge-banding the respect it deserves. And because we edge band nearly 3 million metres of our installations each year, we’ve got to have the best edge-banding process in the business.

So, investing in a state-of-the-art edge bander made sense. Take a look…

A serious piece of kit

This is our Edge-Bander.  A serious piece of kit which, at 9m long, sits proudly on our shop-floor in our Leeds HQ.

Its capabilities are fantastic.

It comes with Air curtain travel assist and Pneumatic panel rotation. It also comes with return panel abilities, and much more to improve our Edging efficiencies.

Our edge-bander can also edge panels of up to 3050mm x 2070mm in size. And they can be anywhere between 9mm to 60mm thick. It can also edge 0.4mm to 2mm PVC edging and has the ability to do solid wood lipping too.

WSG Edge Bander Edge Banding Edge Bander Wojciech Loading (1)And once we’ve got your project lined up and ready, it can edge up to 18m per minute. This means it lets our guys let 2,754,000 metres of accurate, high-quality edge banding pass through their hands every year.

By owning one of the most monstrously sized machines, it helps us to keep on track and on-time in producing the high-end interiors that we’re known for.

The end-user might only think about Edge Banding when they notice it’s snagged.  At WSG, we take steps to make sure they don’t notice how good our edge banding is by getting it perfect.

Talk to us about your next interior project, and the quality of finish that WSG will provide you.

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WSG Edge Bander Edge Banding This is Wojciech
WSG Edge Bander Edge Banding Edge Bander Wojciech Loading (1)
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