Commercial Interiors: A Space For Everyone

It goes without saying that your vision is at the very heart of what you want to achieve when you’re thinking about a new Commercial interior. But over the last 35 years, we’ve built up a sound understanding of not just your design goals, but also the expectations of the very people that you want in that environment too.

Your commercial interior is a space for everyone. What do you want your space to do for you? And what does your customer want?  What do your partners want to be involved with, and what is it about your space that switches on your members of staff, and makes it a great place to work?

When we get hold of your brief, we bring the mindset of all those people into the project, to deliver an untouchable result.

Commercial Interiors April Blog WSG 2021

The Perfect Commercial Interior

There’s an extra element to creating the perfect Commercial interior, and that’s understanding the emotive side of people. After all, it’s people you want to appeal to. That’s when you can really make the space work.

It’s easy to say that you want something that “grabs attention”. Occasionally, we say we’re designing and manufacturing a new commercial interior to create a memory. Create something that’s thought about a lot, talked about a lot, and revisited time after time.  And by applying that thought process to the pre-contract stage of your commercial interior project, we end up with outstanding results that work for us, you, and for your customers, clients and staff.

It could be giving them vibrancy to reflect your ambition. The mark of quality to show them your luxurious side; or big screens, bright space, and clean lines to appeal to those who are tech mad. Grabbing attention is just the start.

Commercial Interiors April Blog WSG 2021

Moving the Mindset into the Practical

Then there’s the build. Getting it right has to happen first time. And knowing the right material selections for the right place is a skill. Harnessing these particular materials and finishes enables an interior specialist to create a masterful holistic ambiance. Manufactured to fit perfectly in its surroundings, creating both design harmony and juxtaposition perfectly.

Giving every user a memorable experience of that commercial interior, one they talk to others about and one they want to return to makes for a successful space.

It’s a logic that applies to offices, restaurants, lobbies, and other public spaces. Good management and good design, coupled with skilled joinery and an understanding of the end user’s experience make WSG the first choice of many for their Commercial Interior fit-out. 

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