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When Grey Interiors appointed WSG to be involved in a Commercial Interior project for famous Tea brand Twinings, we were once again more than happy to take on another challenge.

The Twinings offices are based in Andover, and this particular project was a very bright and inviting co-working space for staff to use on-site…

Twinings Greys Interiors WSG


When Grey Interiors got in touch with us, it was soon apparent to us that this wasn’t going to be a bog-standard working space.  Here, we were going to be involved in the creation of an exciting environment where people wanted to be. Bright colours, modern features, and a very tech-featured space.

We’d been tasked with designing, manufacturing, and installing amphitheatre seating, glass fronted display units, open shelving. Many of these furniture elements incorporated LED lighting.

This heightened the senses of the project team and the design team at WSG, and we couldn’t wait to get involved.

Twinings Greys Interiors WSG


With the requirement for a modern and fresh look and feel to this space, we knew that there was a need to get a functional balance in to the excitement. We had a lot to factor in to this one to get it perfect from the start, and our Pre-Contract team really stepped up to the mark.

After the outbreak of war in the Ukraine, there were a few obstacles in the road when it came to finding suitable materials.  A European wide shortage of plywood became a huge challenge for us. However, resilience and persistence has always been one of our strengths, and we were, even so, able find a suitable yet cost effective plywood solution.

We sourced a number of alternative samples and options, and by working closely with Grey Interiors and Twinings, we ensured that the end client were going to get exactly what they wanted in their finished space.

Twinings Greys Interiors WSG


The final co-working space looked fantastic.  We’d helped to deliver some superb bespoke joinery into this modern and it was one of those projects where we added so much passion and effort to the process, that to see the outcome made Team WSG very proud to have been involved.

Both Grey Interiors and Twinings were extremely satisfied with how their visions had been brought to life through our expertise, craftsmanship and attention to detail. And finding cost effective solutions while still keeping quality at its highest level didn’t go un-noticed either.

Another project delivered on time, and within budget and snag-free – working closely with our clients every step of the way, so that we can provide high quality solutions every time.

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Twinings Greys Interiors WSG
Twinings Greys Interiors WSG
Twinings Greys Interiors WSG

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