Tower Shoes – Earls Court, London

How we Made it together

Tower London is an award-winning independent footwear retailer, with multiple stores across London selling branded footwear. They acquired an empty retail space on Earls Court Road, and asked WSG to take care of the whole project…

The Tower London brand, and to appeal to a 14-26-year-old age group. It needed to sing to their customers, make them want to stay, and make them want to tell their friends about it.

Over to us…

Right tower shoes

How we Made it relevant

The Millennial and Gen Z demographic get fed up if things stay still. We designed dark walls to meet contemporary mood, and the carcass of the store had a modern industrious feel. Very now, and very appealing to the people Tower London wanted to target.

So design-wise, we manufactured and installed an interior that functioned and looked cool. Instagrammable printed spaces for fans of social media to spread the word. And a journey around a store that made it impossible for a visitor not to want to buy.

Tower London wanted each brand to have its own section, but with so many we were conscious that logo-overload may have a detrimental effect on the in-store feel. So we agreed on uniform lightboxes – the same size, the same position, and with the same impact uniform font.

Tower shoes look

How we Made it simple

Fashionable footwear and the blank canvas of a new retail space in London is a creative designer’s dream! And we’ve got those sort of people in our design team, with a great bunch of Design Engineers too, to keep their feet on the ground.

We had a big space to work with at 1500sqft. And the WSG team went to check the place out as part of the pre-contract part of what we do, whilst we considered the brief.

This store had to be quickly changeable and adaptable. Something that could keep a consistent kind of look, but change the dynamic at the drop of a hat. So, we utilised our pioneering ALU:1P system throughout the unit. Our own kit, it makes a flexible store that can be easily reconfigured to meet those ever evolving demands of their customer, and retail.

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How we Made it sing

We went further than expected with the Tower London project. We got what came out of the minds of our client, but also got in to their minds of their customer.

The hero graphics balanced well against the impact walls and key typography. It was a design success to nail that, alongside the brands that were the main reason why the customers were here.

And we’d balanced the lighting to widen and excite the senses and the mood. So when a customer arrived at their chosen brand of shoe, they were already in a positive frame of mind, and a store that made them want to tug on their pursestrings.

Feature full image

How we Make it Sing

Being at the forefront of the interiors industry, we pride ourselves on new innovations in materials and design. And this project had plenty of head-turners.

The gantry was imposing. And along with the solid brass fluting, and an exposed luxury and contemporary feel was tied together.

The Corian bar and solid timber, coupled with touches like brass trim and high-tech equipment such as ziptaps and bar tablets finished the installation off nicely.

The final result was stunning. It was an installation that, upon completion, we stood back and truly admired

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