How we made it relevant

Incorporating construction grade oak veneer to create a durable, practical and stunning piece of statement furniture.

How we made it relevant

How we made it Simple

Segmenting large and heavy acoustic ceiling features into manageable sections which sit seamlessly into pre-fabricated spaces.

How we made it Simple

How we made it Sing

Combining a mix of solid and veneered oak, stained and finished to create a uniformed finish in line with the architects specification.

How we made it Sing


The Royal Mail

How we Made it together

One of the most memorable installations that we’ve managed is the fantastic Royal Mail Group HQ renovation at Mount Pleasant with Gildacroft Ltd. It was a prestigious job. And it still looks First Class.

We have a long-standing relationship with Gildacroft who were overseeing this project. We team up well and they brought WSG in because they knew what we could offer. Together, we had the tools to create something special at this landmark Royal Mail building on Mount Pleasant.

We and Gildacroft worked together at Pre-Contract stage to develop the design intention, and present it to the architects to help secure the project. It was a prestigious job, and it needed plenty of creative and practical heads to come together to thrash this one out.

How we Made it relevant

We were asked to look at breathing new life into an entrance and were tasked with creating a breakout area for staff. Both areas needed to be unique and original and something you wouldn’t find elsewhere. And it had to be classy, and eye-catching – staff and visitors needed an environment that they enjoyed being in, but it had to do a functional job as well.

The architect’s concept designs needed bringing to reality, We needed to include features that included veneering multi-faceted angles of desk areas at compound angles. One of the challenges were huge ceiling rafts needed to be designed.

Our design, manufacture needed to bring practical, functional, and stunning results.

How we Made it sing

Manufactured from a blend of solid and construction-grade oak veneer with Concrete effect feature board, the craftsmanship was second to none and made the impact desired by both client and architect.

We complimented that by introducing statement-furniture. Challenging design features included veneering multi-facetted angles at compound angles, huge ceiling rafts, illuminated feature walls as well as some complex logistic and installation methods.

The space we created was like no other. It was a unique reception area and a breakout zone that you didn’t want to leave. The removable slats to access the lighting in the feature walls for instance. It was important that these could be easy to maintain.

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