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How we Made it Together

Our reputation for stunning commercial interiors, and statement office spaces just keeps growing.  And teaming up with Echospace, Talis Capital in London needed a completely new office space. And, for us, we were tasked with producing something special for the reception area.

Talis is a London-based venture capital firm. They investing on behalf of a unique community of cross-sector entrepreneurs and business leaders, and back visionary founders.

Their requirements for a reception area wasn’t a general kind of desk-only and off you go kind of thing.  Talis wanted a fresh feel, one of openness, but that had its own identity.

And with that in mind, they handed us a brief to create a reception desk, with a screen directly behind it, in front of two offices. It needed to be fully included in the rest of the office space, without separation, but semi-private.

Step up our design team…

Talis Office Space

How we Made it Sing

The contemporary look that Talis wanted meant our design team collaborated with each other to present some very nice-looking options. All modern, and all in-keeping with the semi-private brief.

It had to come with a fantastic finish, which shouted high-quality and armed with their logo to its front. It had to look substantial and make a strong first impression to visitors.

There’s a concrete called Light Betton, which was perfect for this look.  But the hurdle that we had to make sure we overcame was that Light Betton is incredibly delicate. Manufacture it the wrong way, apply the wrong technique, or transport it without care – and we’d have an issue on our hands.

But do it correctly, as we did for Talis by applying a thin layer to ply in-house, and flat packing the desk in a couple of pieces to transport to London from Leeds, and we’d have no problem.  Especially with a two-man workforce to build the reception desk on site.

We made a back screen out of solid oak slats which, again, looked the part and offered a high-quality finish.  Fixing the slats from floor to ceiling with no visible fixings elevated its look, and the idea of using slats fitted right in with the semi-private theme.

Talis Office Space

How we Made it Together

Another success from WSG Interiors, and by communicating and working nicely alongside other contractors and decorators, it was delivered on-time and in-full again.

The client satisfaction was high on this job.  Talis were very happy with what we created for them, and how we handled to project. All finishes were noticeably superb; we were pleased with it, and they were especially pleased with it.

It was challenging to join the piece on site.  The delicate nature of the concrete meant that care and attention was always needed by both our installers. With our experience and expertise though, we were confident that we’d nail the job, and nail it we did.

Talis recognised it wasn’t going to be a straightforward job, and let us know that we’d impressed them with our flexibility and ability to get their reception space functioning and looking as impressive as they’d imagined

Talis Office Space

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