Stevens And Bolton LLP – Denton Associates – Surrey


Stevens & Bolton LLP is quite a prestigious independent law firm, based in Guildford, Surrey.

As a trusted partner of Denton Associates, they got in touch to ask if we were able to design and manufacture functional furniture that caught the eye in an elite-look client reception area.

Our reply? Of course we could…

Stevens and Bolton


Stevens & Bolton LLP are a renowned law firm who required a commercial interior space that reflected their standing within the legal profession.

They had acquired a new space on Farnham Road and needed high-end furniture for their client reception area. The project was quite substantial, and we were tasked with designing, manufacturing, and installing furniture that was not only functional but also visually appealing.

Being a specialist joinery company that specialises in the commercial interior sector, WSG had to come up with factory design drawings that would capture all the detail from the concept designs that Denton Associates had created for their client.

Stevens and Bolton


We took the brief back to our Leeds factory, and got the design and production teams together to brainstorm ideas and come up with designs that would meet the client’s expectations.

Using Design Thinking methodology, the team produced detailed designs for the reception furniture.

This consisted of a large seating island, a lighting gantry, recessed booth meeting pods,  stone clad reception desk with bespoke storage wall units in white oak veneer.

Stevens and Bolton


The end result was a stunning reception area that reflected the client’s standing within the legal profession.

The finished installation creates a lasting impression on anyone visiting the reception area, leaving them in awe of the furniture’s functionality and visual appeal.

The Kvadrat Waterborn 0883 used for the seating added a touch of luxury, while the Silestone Ethereal Haze used for the reception desk added sophistication to the design.

Denton Associates were very happy with our work. They appreciated the attention to detail that we’d put into the project, and once again we were the bespoke joinery specialists that had delivered a successful project to exceed client expectations.

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