Schuh 2020 – Oxford Street

How we Made it together

WSG are the main supplier of fixtures to Schuh. They have 132 stores in the United Kingdom and Ireland, selling over 80 footwear brands, including Converse, Vans, Nike, Adidas and its own Schuh label.

Schuh are a leading brand and in an ever-changing fashion world, stores need to move as fast as the products they sell. We help them with that…

fixtures Schuh

How we Made it together

After working with Schuh for over 20 years, we’ve helped them grow and develop numerous innovative store formats. We’ve got a great, long-standing relationship with them which is why they came to us again to help them design, develop and manufacture the casework for their new 2020 store format. And what an exciting and rewarding challenge it was.

Interior schuh

How we Made it relevant

The 2020 format came with a new innovative design, enhanced functionality and a stunning aesthetic. During its infancy, our pre-contract team were tasked to help convert some challenging concept into functioning prototypes. Bringing key design principles to life for the first time, testing both form and function.

For instance, take the bespoke perimeter display equipment which we engineered and manufactured to hook perfectly over Schuh’s pioneering horizontal aluminium extrusion system. Ensuring maximum horizontal fluidity through the store.

Schuh entrance

How we Made it simple

Challenges? Yes. Lots of them. There always is, but we meet them head-on. This job came with a logistical and phased delivery process that we had to adhere to, to make sure we married up with Schuh’s structured installation programme.

But we have Project Managers who thrive on hurdles like these. And the dedicated Schuh team ensured that the detailed and complex internal production scheduled remained on track and delivered on time and in full.

schuh feature

How we Made it sing

Our internal joiners were asked to work with some premium veneers and finishes for this project, to create furniture which was both practical and stunning. Combining well-crafted aesthetics with usability was key to making both the product and project sing.

There were new formats and concepts too. The materials, finishes, and directly printed graphics were new to both Schuh and WSG, and the integrated and multi-use slot systems ensured our furniture was adaptable and fit for purpose. The latest chapter for our partnership with Schuh was perfectly executed. On time, and in-full.

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