Mother London – Shoreditch, London

How we Made it together

When we’re asked to work on something for a creative company in the heart of Shoreditch, London we know that it’s going to be a project that gets us excited.

Mother London has been around for 25 years. They have offices in London, New York, LA and Shanghai, and their workspace is unconventional, to say the least.

Actually, unconventional is a word you could use to describe the brief. Unique is another.

Working alongside our client and Mother London, there was a need to create an office that nobody else could even imagine having. The thing about that…how can a client and a creative get on the right page?

Close working and great communication was key. By talking through some pre-contract design challenges, we knew there was an emphasis on sustainability, and the circular economy.

We talked about something unique, and we spoke about something memorable.





Mother London WSG

How we Made it relevant

Despite a style that was going to get people gasping and talking as soon as they entered the workplace, it needed to work for Modern London too.

The centrepiece of the space was a large oval table that wrapped around the centre columns.  It was to be a part of the office used for hot-desking, and needed space for up to 50 persons.

Personal workspace and comfort of so many people wasn’t compromised, despite the challenging design aesthetic and materials. It was obvious that we needed to make of that when it came to the manufacture of the desk.





Mother London WSG

How we Made it sing

So – this design. What was it all about?

Firstly this one-piece, 50 seater oval table was a structure of the sublime. It was built from reclaimed floorboards, and had a resin top which lifted the look and created the durability.

We then created a number of large concrete balls, on which the tabletop seemingly sat on. A totally bespoke, unique look that took an incredible amount of time to create on-site. They were imposing, and a talking point in themselves – but worth the design thinking, the effort and the careful, meticulous processes we followed to get this right.

And we also created other workstations, again with reclaimed floorboards, but this time sitting on top of salvaged Victorian style 10 column radiators. It needs to be seen to be understood, but when it is seen, it’s a show-stopper.

The entire project was a show-stopper. We’d covered off the unconventional, we’d ticked the sustainability, but we’d created something special. Something that we know will be remembered by anyone who sets foot in those Modern London offices.

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Mother London WSG

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