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How we Made it together

When we manufacture a quality commercial interior, looking great and functioning perfectly comes as a WSG Interiors standard.

But on occasions, we’re asked to take thing to a level with the creative that sets us a challenge to thrive on.

Step up London Fit Out.  They wanted WSG to oversee several pieces of furniture in a new office space for their client, with sustainability in mind.  They talked to us about reception podiums, storage units and a meeting room unit.  But then came the piece de resistance.  A tea-point island, but not just any old tea point island…

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How we Made it Relevant

The tea-point was going to be more than just a worktop style piece of furniture.

Yes, a functioning space that was as practical as a tea-point needs to be, but just as important was how the aesthetics fitted in to the space. It was going to be a focal point of the office and needed to match the eye-catching and client-brand-defining orange.

Colour was an important factor in achieving the desired results, and we were challenged to incorporate their specified Orange in to Valchromat, a sustainable and adaptable material that we’ve worked with on many projects.

The worksurfaces were created from a new product – Foresso.  Foresso is a beautiful surface material, made using minimum 65% waste material sourced within Britain and has a unique appearance reminiscent of Terrazzo.

London Fit Out Wavemaker

How we Made it Sing

To get the magic out of this one, our Pre-Contract design team, together with our production team and sales ensured we’d got a clear understanding of what we needed to achieve to make this one dazzle.

And it was a hands-on kind of project too, as the tea point required a newer kind of finish. So, to ensure we created a surface that wowed and worked, we set about ensuring that the joining on the top of the tea point was worked to perfection.  Trial and error aplenty, but our team love to create something new and feel the sense of achievement when they’ve nailed it.

And then, the polishing of the top finished the piece off spectacularly.

End-to-end, the project took twelve weeks to execute. A tea-point isn’t always the talking point of an office interior, but this one was different. It was central to a theme, and the storage points, meeting units and reception furniture was just as well received by our very satisfied customer.

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London Fit Out Wavemaker

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