How we made it relevant

Recommending and using materials suitable for a healthcare environment which are both practical and modern

How we made it relevant

How we made it Simple

Working with unique layouts whilst using standardised unitary and to create bespoke features and layouts.

How we made it Simple

How we made it Sing

No matter how simple or complex the project or product might appear, stringent inhouse dry builds make sure we get it right first time, snag free.

How we made it Sing


Blue Sky Dental

How we Made it together

When we receive a brief from the Healthcare sector, it normally means bespoke features with standardised furniture; hygienic and easy-to-wipe materials, and designs that are suitable but robust and stand the test of time.

blue sky reception

How we Made it relevant

At WSG, our mindful design and manufacturing process for the Healthcare sector always carefully considers the installation environment too. Do we need to use a specific finish to aid fast cleaning? Or do we need to eliminate any gaps or recesses that could harbour dirt to lower the risk of infection? Our experience in this sector has taught us to delve much deeper into the practicalities of an installation than we’re required to in other areas.

blue sky dental practice

How we Made it simple

And it’s never been a more critical time to get it right in the healthcare sector. We’re expecting more changes to the requirements of pharmacies, hospitals, and surgeries on the back of Covid-19 as we return to some sort of normal. So, we’ve got plans in place to be able to adapt to any challenges the sector could be given quickly, to ensure minimal disruption to an already hectic industry.

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