About Us

WSG have been specialists in creating high-end, stunning, award-winning interiors for the Commercial, Hospitality, Retail and Healthcare sectors for over 30 years.

We offer an untouchable beginning-to-end in-house service, that includes design, project management, prototyping, manufacture and installation; which eases the load on you, but keeps you involved in every step of the project.

It’s a partnership, and it’s just us and you. Together. Bringing your project to life, and making it sing.


Our Story

WSG is your first choice for the design, build, and installation of high-quality, bespoke interiors for retail environments, commercial areas, hospitality and brand space.

And did you know, we’ve been creating our story for over 30 years…?

It all began in the mid-80s when current owner Roger Edwards teamed up with his brother to manufacture shop fittings and dispensaries, and to take on one-off furniture commissions. As business grew, they realised that the key to meeting increasing demand and creating outstanding interior installations was to control every aspect of the project themselves. From beginning to end. Every aspect had to be perfect, and this meant that as well as doing loads of clever stuff, they needed a trusted supply chain to add to the wealth of specialities required.

Moving Up

Roger and his brother had to work hard and learn. They became masters of all forms of manufacture, and this saw them achieve a consistently high-quality of installation. It also saw lead times get shorter and word quickly spread about how good these guys were.

Clients were impressed and came back time and again. And new clients wanted in on the action. And in 1993 WSG moved to its current premises in Swinnow View, Leeds – complete with large design offices, expansive factory, workshop facilities and storage facilities.

That move allowed further growth, and for us to employ the best people in the country to project manage, design, manufacture and install all our projects.

Today, our team makes us what we are. They enable us to make it for you, ensuring that when you work with us, your results are outstanding.

We make it together, and we make it simple. We make it relevant, and we make it sing.

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Our Partners

At WSG, Joyn and Market Place, we care about every detail, working with you to develop unique and effective systems that fuse aesthetic beauty with functionality and robustness. Our responsible and resourceful approach consistently delivers impactful experiences on-time and on-budget, ensuring that your big idea becomes a big success.

Joyn – specialists in bespoke interior joinery for the hotel and hospitality sectors. Working closely with interior designers, we couple design ingenuity with manufacturing and implementation expertise to bring the most demanding of concepts to life

We understand our clients' need to make the right impression in their brand environment - and we know that's as much about creating an exciting destination as it is about building a space that works. We turn your concept into a reality.